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“An immense kindness radiated from Him”

“Thank you, Father, for letting me keep my baby!”

“I will always be grateful that God whacked me to get my attention and told me to help this little boy when he needed help so desperately."

When I was 27 years old I had an experience with God where he appeared as a man. It totally changed my perception of Him. Overwhelming kindness flowed out from Him and touched me. The experience was so profound it changed my understanding of God forever. No longer did I view Him as harsh and punishing, as I had been taught since I was a child, but instead as loving, kind, gentle, and thoughtful. Read more about my story HERE.

Since that time I have spoken with many people who have also had such experiences. I have been so inspired by these incredible stories that I decided to write a book so that others could discover this same God; a God full of so much kindness and gentleness and love.

The result of this project is a compilation of over 150 stories written by people who have had a direct personal encounter with God. They are stories of joy and peace, of healing and protection. There is no anger, criticism, judgment, or punishment in these stories.

I decided to call the book “The Kindness of God.”

Here is one such story:

God Saw that She was Scared

The following story was submitted by a 59-year-old woman whose experience occurred in the hospital just before she went into surgery. She felt terribly frightened and alone. Here is what happened, in her own words:

"I was desperately ill. I had received my 'pre-op' shot, which had not taken very well, and I remember the long 'trundle' through the hospital corridors to the operating theatre. I remember also thinking that it was probably my last conscious living journey and I felt terribly frightened and alone.

At some moment in time during that 'journey' I became conscious of a person additional to the hospital staff walking quietly beside me. I recognized Him at once - like an old, familiar, trusted friend, and I tried to say to Him, 'My Lord, you need not have come yourself, one of your angels would have been good enough for me.' He did not speak, but somehow I knew that all was well and I felt no more fear or pain. I had a long uphill road to complete recovery (seventeen years ago) but I never doubted that I would 'make it.' I shall also never again fear to walk in the valley of the shadow of death because I know I shall not walk alone."

She had not asked God to join her or to help her; He saw that she needed Him and came to her. He did what any loving father would do. Click HERE for more stories from the book.

God as “Mom”

We get so used to hearing about God as “He” that we forget (or don’t realize) that God is just as much a Mom as a Dad. For forty years after I first saw him, I knew God as my Father, a constant gentle, kind, thoughtful, protective presence. Two years ago, a miracle happened, and God appeared to me as a woman, my Divine Mom. She has been a source of comfort and nurturing to me in every part of my life. She wanted me to share something with everyone. The message is this:

She yearns for a relationship with each of her children. She wants all of us to share things as we see them, to include Her in our lives, to say, “Look Mom!” when we see something beautiful or interesting. Click HERE for more about God as Mom.

I know you will find inspiration and comfort from the many stories in this book. It is my sincere hope that through reading this book you will come to experience the depth of kindness and unconditional acceptance and love from God just as I have. I hope and pray that you too will experience The Kindness of God.

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"What a wonderfully comforting book! The stories show that God is not remote from us. He is truly here with us, aware of our needs and guiding us with love and kindness. We just need to reach out and He will be there."
- Kathy Martin, Medical Assistant

"I want the world to know: This is a book to have, to read, to share. I cried upon reading some pages, I was too intrigued to stop reading the other pages. The personal accounts from different people made me feel connected to their stories on a level I haven't encountered yet myself."
- Kim Losurdo, Human Resources Rep
"This is the most heartwarming book I've ever worked on. It reminds me once again that God's loving kindness is always with us."
- Phyllis Butler Author/Editor
"I keep telling my friends, YOU GOTTA READ THIS BOOK!"
- Erna Siegel, Manager

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